IMEI Service


 Service for Next Tether Activation Policy Description: 2320 - US GSM/VZW iPhone 6/6 Plus Service Policy




* Service Usually Works In 7days mode - Just In Case Say To Customers 10 Working Days Max Delay


* ALL Clean IMEI Are Supported


* iPhone 6/6+ Are Supported


Lost/Stolen/Unpaid Bills IMEIs Will Be Rejected


* IMEI Can Be Canceled on 10'th Day Only and No Way We Can Reject Before


* Source Have Strict Rules No Refund for Bad IMEI/Wrong Operator/Already Unlocked IMEI so We Cannot Accept it as Well


Strictly: Wrong Network No Refund!


Next Tether Policy Details : US AT&T/Cricket Magic SIM Policy  (no refund)


Next Tether Activation Policy Description:  US GSM Service Policy (no refund)


Next Tether Activation Policy Description:  US Cellular LTE Policy (no refund)


Next Tether Activation Policy Description: AT&T/AT&T Reseller (no refund)


Next Tether Policy Details: 51 - US GSM Default Policy




WARNING: We Can Cancel IMEI Which Is In Process Over 10 working days Only


WARNING: BAD IMEI, Wrong Operator, Already Unlocked IMEI Strictly No Refund - We Cannot Get Any Refund From The Source And Cannot Offer It


WARNING: Working Day Mean Monday-Friday, Weekends Not To Be Counted

Price : 100 Credit
Delivery Time : 3-15 days

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